2016 in Haiku

Over the five-year existence of this online space/home for my thoughts, I’ve begun saying more to myself and those close to me than I say here. I started writing for myself, and a few years ago, I started writing for other people. That didn’t feel good, so I did some quick hermit maneuvers.

I enjoy that, and I’ve learned a lot about humility, but this space is always my favorite to come back to for reflection. It’s a bit more nerve-wracking to put reflections out into the world like this, but I love the accountability. Since last year’s trip down memory lane via haiku was so fun and brief, yet incredibly telling, here we go again.

January: How Are Several Highly Opinionated And Incredibly Brilliant College Students In Charge Of Managing More Money Than I Can Comprehend?

Unsure of myself
Yet I might just have you fooled.
Fake it to become.

February: It’s Been Really Nice Talking To You, But You Are The Seventh Person To Offer Unsolicited Advice This Week and Actually, I Am Exceedingly Content With My Current Situation

People keep saying
That I should get my master’s.
Will they pay for it?

March: The Year Of The Plane Begins Quietly And I Can’t Focus On Anything Because My Heart Is Beating So Loudly

It’s Already Spring
And I’ve fallen hard for this
Carolina sun.

April: I’ve Never Confronted Death in So Many Different Ways In Such a Short Period of Time Before

Three people have passed
In the span of two short weeks.
I’m learning to cope

May: I Opened An Airplane Window And Touched An Actual Cloud; It Was Surprisingly Cold

It’s strange how items
On my bucket list are checked
When I’m just living.

June: The Answer May Be “No,” But You Won’t Know For Certain Unless You Ask

Life happens between
Driving and packing and
Watching airplanes land.

July: This Might Be The Most Emotionally Draining Job I’ve Ever Held, But I am Stronger Than Any Type Of Manipulation And Atrocious, Ineffective, Machiavellian Leadership. Try Me.

Scare-tactic leaders
Are better suited for a
Sorority house.

August: Walking Out Of “The Lost Summer” Straight Into A New Ocean Of Uncertainty, And Yet Something Tells Me Things Will Work Out Okay

Summer shifted me,
Yet I have learned truths that will
Guide my anxious mind.

September: Not Everybody Is Happy When You Change For The Better And, Oh, Have I mentioned? “You’ve Changed.”

If only I could
Trust that you were listening,
We could have a shot.


October: Everything Is A Question, And You’re Making Me Question Everything

I am afraid that
We’ll never feel this again;
Don’t hang up just yet.

November: I Have Always Been The Queen Of Good Decisions

You mean to tell me
That you love me even though
I have emotions?

December: I Actually Didn’t Hate 2016 Because There Is More To Us Than External Factors

As much as I’ve lost
I’ve gained back nearly ten-fold.
Old makes way for new.


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