how to fall in love (with yourself)

sit very, very still

check to see if your music can go any louder

drink water – more than you usually do. laugh at how frequently you have to run to the bathroom.

spend too much much time snuggled under your covers asking questions to your pillows

walk two miles to buy yourself flowers on a sunday right before the shop closes even though you have a car and could have made it there in five minutes.

acknowledge the moments and pieces of you that hurt. understand that this won’t last forever.

call someone who usually calls you

take your socks off and wiggle your toes in the sunshine – the more public the wiggling, the better.

resolve that the fact of your existence is the very manifestation of magic

fall asleep with your arms wrapped around yourself. do you know how much you belong to you?


One thought on “how to fall in love (with yourself)”

  1. There is so much truth in this – along with daily affirmations and a slice of humor. Thank you for the reminders :)

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