Truth or Truth?

I’ll admit what I became
A prisoner of attitude, all the same.
Grasping at nothing about my own name
Letting lack of oxygen suffocate my flame.

I’ll admit, I wondered why
As I sat there, pondering the sunset sky.
If all I’d been told was all a lie,
Why, suddenly, could I not fly?

I’ll admit, I let them in,
The stupid words, steeped in sin.
I never thought that they would win,
Never believed they’d cause a spin.

I’ll admit, the time soon came
I began to shudder at my own name
The words, they made us all the same,
But I was left feeling all the blame.

I’ll admit, it never occurred
That I should go over what I had heard
Take it not for truth, but something absurd
And replace it all with the kindest word.

I’ll admit, though we sink far,
We can always remember who we are
And though you may have left a scar
Thanks to you, I’ve raised the bar.

And so I leave here better than before
With arms wide open, I fly out the door,
And when you come back begging me for more,
I will not rest until I settle the score.


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