The Thing About Umbrellas

“We hate the rain when it fills up our shoes/But how we love when it washes our cars” — Ingrid Michaelson

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I come alive in the rain. There’s something rejuvenating to me about big (or little) rain drops hitting my face and saturating my clothes. I think umbrellas are pretty, and I think that special moments happen beneath them. To me, they’re a kind of magical love-catcher that traps all the love and pulses it back into the bodies beneath that radiate it. And sometimes, they’re fun to indulge in.

But the thing about umbrellas is that they block our faces and bodies from the rain.

Rain is a natural ctrl+alt+delete. It refreshes things, allows nature to experience a little moment of starting over, a moment of renewal, rebirth. Rain is a springtime that comes more than once a year. And it is so valuable because of that. I think that we’re lying to ourselves if we think that we don’t need to start over every once in a while.

Yesterday when I left class, it was misting rather heavily. It was kind of like walking through a cloud, which made me terribly excited because I love clouds (I love a lot of things). I walked through it looking all around me and breathing everything in and was kind of surprised by some of the sights. No one else was looking.. In fact they were all huddled in doorways and beneath umbrellas. For a moment I thought that this little hiding act was anticipatory, that maybe the heavens were about to open up and rain down sharp, pointy objects. Or that maybe these people just really sucked at hide and seek. But instead, I realized that these people were trying to defend themselves from… [dun dun DUNNNNN] The mist (oooohhhh scarrrrryyyyyyy)!!!!!

The thing about umbrellas is that they only kind of keep you dry.

Even with an umbrella, you’re going to get some of that heavenly moisture on your hair/clothes/skin. Or maybe just on your backpack. The way I see it is, if we’re going to get rained on anyway, why don’t we just accept it? To me, rain is one of those inevitable things. Just as it does no good to complain and worry about things like time, it’s kind of the same deal with rain. Unless we live in the desert (and even there we aren’t completely safe), rain is most likely going to happen to us at some point.. Okay more like many points. The cool thing about rain is that it’s temporary! Like a headache, a broken heart, or the flu… it eventually stops and the sun comes out again.

The thing about umbrellas is that they don’t protect you as much as you think they do.

Maybe we enjoy the safety and the Think about it. When we are using umbrellas we’re only-kinda-sorta protecting ourselves from one of the elements. What about the wind that comes along with the rain? We’re still feeling that, aren’t we? Also, if it’s windy and we’re holding umbrellas, well.. God help us. We’re probably going to be “that guy” or “that chick” who made a fool out of him- or herself trying to close up a broken umbrella in the middle of the street by the time we get to where we’re going. Again, I’m not really sure what the point is.

The thing about umbrellas is that they’re keeping us from the bad stuff, but maybe they’re also keeping out the good stuff too.

So maybe it’s time to just accept the rain for what it is (water), realize that the same substance makes up 80% of your physical being, throw on some rain boots (or be awesome and go barefoot), and go run around in it instead of complaining about it and trying to avoid it. It’s just like avoiding someone we don’t like, it’s tiring and it eventually makes us grouchy. The kind of grouchy that kids get when they don’t have naptime. Yeah, that’s no fun.

The thing about umbrellas is that maybe they’re making us miss the point of the rain.

And the last thing about umbrellas is that maybe it’s time to put them away, treat the rain like sunshine, and turn our bodies joyfully to it.


[ps – I’m not sure which blog this belongs more on because it’s kind of a little bit of both.. SO IT’S ON BOTH WOOOOOOOO!!]


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